Rio de Janeiro

Boasting one of the world’s most idyllic and beautiful city locations, Rio de Janeiro is at the heartbeat of this intriguing country. The nations best characteristics are most visible within this city as Brazil’s fast paced lifestyle and captivating culture form the foundations of Brazil’s top tourist destination. ‘The marvellous city’ truly lives up to its name as it embraces you into a way of life that you will never forget.

The area of Copacabana provides a great base to explore all aspects of the city and most importantly leaves you only footsteps from the famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. A stroll along these pristine sandy beaches sipping a Caipirinha and looking over the bay leading to Pao de Acucar is a highlight of many travellers holiday. For those who feel brave there are a number of volleyball nets and football goals along the beach, but caution should be taken as you may leave rather embarrassed by the locals.

The famous Christo Redentor looms large over the city and has without a doubt become a symbolic icon for not only Rio but for the whole of Brazil. It’s not until you have reached the top and stand alongside this impressive statue that you get a feel for its size and the beautiful views over the city it possesses. A breathtaking backdrop over the city can sustain your attention for hours as you admire one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The equally impressive Pao de Acucar is reached by cable car and is situated almost opposite Christo Redentor by the coastline. To experience this city to its fullest locals advise you to do Pao de Acucar at night. The city’s poverty is almost forgotten in the dark with the Favelas lights providing a picturesque landscape as they sprawl along the surrounding mountains of the city. The lights on Copacabana beach and the Christo Redentor add to what is another incredible sight in this remarkable city.

Aside from the main tourist attractions it’s the locals love of life that really has a lasting impression on you. The neighbourhood of Lapa is the beating drum of the city where you can experience impressive samba shows and enjoy long nights partying until the early hours of the morning. A night in Rio’s nightclubs and bars is an unforgettable experience. Brazilian’s know how to party and just one night of samba dancing or alternatively a funk party can leave you needing to recover for several days.

Other notable sites include Lagoa de Freitas, the city centre and Rio’s numerous less well known beaches, all of which are worthwhile. To cover everything Rio has to offer in a short space of time is close to being impossible. The vibrancy of the city can quite easily make your few days become a few weeks, I say this as I can talk from experience. It would be unfair to judge such a place after only a few days as it’s the small everyday experiences you encounter which makes Rio de Janeiro an unforgettable place. The Cariocas have created a way of life that is extremely contagious and perhaps after a few Caipirinha’s on the beach you will likewise be unable to leave.


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