Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls is one of those sites in life which when witnessing makes you feel insignificant as an individual as you give way to nature. The sheer size of the waterfalls in Iguazu are impressive let alone the number of them. They are one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature and lives up to its billing as one of Brazil’s main tourist attractions. Second only to the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe in size it remains in the top three most impressive waterfalls in the world. Despite this label it’s still largely unknown.

The spectacular walk through the rainforest to the waterfalls exposes you to various forms of wildlife, ranging from alligators to monkeys, offering an extra incentive to visit the falls. At the end of the walk you are left with the impressive sight of the Devil’s Throat, the main waterfall in Iguazu. As you stand at the base of this phenomenon you get absolutely drenched with water as it cascades down the cliff seemingly only metres from your position on the bridge.

However it’s not only Devils Throat that is impressive, as you wonder around the sight you are constantly surrounded by towering waterfalls. None quite as large, but most are equally as impressive and each deserving of some attention. As the waterfalls border Brazil and Argentina it’s possible to get two different views and perspectives from either side. Both having their own selling points, although Brazil is considered to be the side with the best panoramic views. However those opinions are often dependent on what side of the river you ask, Argentinian’s equally say their side offers the better views.

One other way to see the falls is by boat. For a reasonably cheap price you are able to get even closer to the falls as you are taken right alongside the very bottom of Devil’s Throat. The view from the bottom of the waterfall looking up makes it look never-ending as the sun reflects of the surface of the water. Again getting unsurprisingly soaked as the stream of water hits the river. Perhaps the most unique and by far the most expensive way to see the falls is by helicopter, providing incredible views of not only the waterfalls but the surrounding rainforest.

However whilst sitting in a helicopter away from the possibility of getting soaked sounds tempting, the best way to experience the falls is on foot. This way you get a much better appreciation for the enormity and size of what you are seeing before you.


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